Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Balcony Garden Update Tuesdays 10/30/12

It’s Tuesday and it’s time to do my Tuesday’s update with my balcony garden. At first I was not too sure if I wanted to share the update with any readers out there. Then I thought, this is why I started the blog in the first place. I wanted to share my progress in building a balcony garden. I wanted to share the triumphs of harvesting any flowers, herbs and even vegetables. I want to seek advice for my failures of wiltering flowers, dying plants or even disaster experiments. So either good or bad I should share my experience.

So you probably guessed it from the previous paragraph but yes a family member is severely sick. Oakley and I are deeply saddened trying our best to be there for them. I believe we will be loosing our mint and rosemary plants.

In our previous Tuesday Updates, we wrote that it looked like our mint and rosemary plants are on it’s way to recovering. That was last week and today it is a different story. Suddenly our plants have taken a left turn and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back.

 Here is our mint plant this week. You will notice that there are less green leaves and more dirt patches in here. Fewer leaves is not a good sign. Am I doing something wrong or can I blame the weather? I have been watering it every other day as usual. I throw in coffee grounds and egg shells once a week. The weather has been cool and sunny which I thought would be the perfect weather, right? Well it doesn’t look like it.. any suggestion would be much appreciated.

The rosemary plant saddens me also. Here is the latest photo which you’ll notice the leaves have turned yellow. The trunk is stiff and not soft to the touch. Now if someone asked me to show them a plant that’s about to go… I would show them this photo. Like the mint I’ve been keeping up the watering and feeding. What happened?!?! Help, someone, please.

But to every sad story there has to be a good side too right? The basil plant is looking great! It looks full of leaves and green! This one is a fighter and I’m really excited to see her bloom. Her leaves look so good.. I’m so tempted to pluck them and throw them in a recipe. Well between you and me.. I did already. Only a few leaves.. I just couldn’t resist myself. It was so YUMMY!! It is so rewarding to have a tiny balcony garden. I just can’t wait to get more plants!!

These little guys are growing right in the pot.  I guess my basil plant is going to be a momma.

Quick question to anyone that reads 
this.. but why are some of the leaves yellow?

The other plants are doing well also. The calamansi tree is really bursting with fruit. Once they are ready for the plucking, you bet we’ll have a fridge full of calamansi juice, sauces, and fruit.
This little guy is growing up so quickly. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to pick him and put him in another pot or what.

Here is one my other rosemary plants.  Now this one is just beautiful!  It's so green and fragrant.  It just looks so healthy that I don't even want to pick it's leaves.  Just the other day my loved one wanted to pick it's stems but I quickly defended the rosemary plant.  My loved one walked away empty handed.

Well that’s it for the update for the over all garden. I do have an update on the basil and eggs post. We’re really excited to share it with you guys. I’ll have to update you all on my next post. Till then take care and go out and grow something!

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