Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sterilize Soil for my garden?

Sterilize soil?  I bet your asking yourself, "sand is dirt, it's suppose to be dirty".  Of course being the "need to know why" type of person.  I looked up why do we need to sterilize soil if it supposed to be dirty.  From what I gathered, most commercial products puts its sand through a process that sterilizes the soil before it is sold in stores.  They do this to get rid of anything that is not wanted in the dirt.

But what's in the dirt?  Just to name a few things we'll find weed seeds, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

According to Wikipedia:

"Further positive effects are:
  • All weed and weed seeds are killed
  • Significant increase of crop yields
  • Relief from soil fatigue through activation of chemical – biological reactions
  • Blocked nutritive substances in the soil are tapped and made available for plants
  • Alternative to Methyl Bromide and other critical chemicals in agriculture"

This is what Answers had to say: 

"This control method affects many organisms, even though the elimination of only specific weeds, fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, or pests is desirable. Even if complete sterilization is achieved, it is short lived since organisms will recolonize this biological vacuum quite rapidly. Soil sterilization can be achieved through both physical and chemical means"

So the thought of dirt is dirt is out the door!  Now I know there is healthy dirt and bad dirt.  So I guess I'll be sterilizing soil to begin the rooting of plants.  

If you want to check out my process.. click here

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