Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Balcony Garden Update Tuesday

Well it's about 2 weeks since a started my balcony garden. I can remember like it was yesterday. I stepped out onto my balcony while I sipped my morning brew. I gazed upon 2 dwarf trees down at my knees. The calamansi has a sweet smell coming from the delicate white flowers. The single fruit hangs on by a twig on the lemon tree. It calls to be picked or does it just want to show off its bright yellow color. I stand there, imagining.

As the day passes, I acquire 3 more plants. To my delight I jumped at the plants given to me. I grab the sweet smelling basil and rosemary plant. I added the 2 plants to my balcony garden.

I paused and stared at my balcony. In addition to the plants I mentioned I inherited 2 more plants.  I added a pale yellow rosemary and a dying mint plant to my balcony. I thought 2 would be hard enough for a brown thumb person but I ended up with 6 plants.  I am in so much trouble!

What do I do? I took a deep breath and looked at my small space. Do I have enough space? Will they thrive up on this balcony? I put my on my gloves and started sorting the plants. I turned on my computer and searched furiously for information. The endless stream of information pours through my screen. My eyes dance wildly back and forth. My mind bounces around in my skull. My lips can't help but smile. I smile because it was the day my balcony garden started. It is the day that I'm a balcony gardener began. It's the day I declared and called the balcony garden Oakley's garden.
My plants are doing well I believe. My mint is starting to look green. My rosemary is taller. My basil is growing and spreading. My balcony garden is thriving.
Little guy watching over my plants... bugs beware!!
The basil is looking much more healthier compared when I first brought her home. Here is a photo of the basil plant on the first day I took her home and a photo of it now. You can see its starting to sprout little branches from the main stem. Now it looks like it'll spread out and not grow upward. Last week I started cutting the tips of the tallest parts. Actually I started shortening the basil. So the nutrition or growing parts will concentrate in the lower parts. So it'll start to spread out. Here you can see its sprouting here.
1st day
10/23/12 update

The rosemary plant is still looking the same. Here is a photo of day 1 and now. I water it every other day. I also added some coffee grounds and egg shells. I know it doesn't lack sunlight. It does get plenty of it. It probably gets more than 8 hours. Any suggestions?

Day 1
10/23/12 update

As for my other rosemary plants, the smaller one is looking great as ever.  The larger one is looking a little bit thin.  I noticed the leaves close to the roots are all brown.  Is this from over watering?
Healthy rosemary... she

The calamansi is growing nicely. You see all the flowers are starting to become fruit. I think we'll have plenty of sour fruit! Here is a photo.

The little guy is growing nicely. I try not to bother them too much. But do I need to cut him off? What do I do?

My mint is looking a little bit better....

Well it looks like my garden is growing nicely. I'm so excited about my balcony garden. It's so rewarding to see it growing. I'm really glad to be part of the garden society. There are so many great people out there and the information they provide. Thank you everyone. I'm proud of my balcony garden. I'm proud of my balcony garden.

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