Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Balcony Garden Update

Hi everyone!  It has been about 1 week since I started this blog!  My balcony garden, which is rosemary, basil, calamansi bush, meyer lemon tree, and mint.  Thank you to all those who are giving me great advice and those to just blog their ideas and practices.  With the Internet, it seems that I have unlimited resources to pull from.  Sometimes, with so much information, I get bogged down and almost get lost to, what to do?  If one person says do this and another person do that.. which advice do you consider?  

My firstpost, I expressed that I am totally new to this or more like a brown thumber.  Thumber?  Is that a word?  On my balcony I had a few plants, which the rosemary and basil plants were on the verge of going down, and visiting plant heaven.  Is there such thing?  Those talking trees, I think they were called Ent, you know those talking trees in "Lord of the Rings", must have gone there right? Also 2 trees (more like bushes) I inherited.  

My first post showed a couple of photos of my dying plants...

Now I have an update for everyone.  You can tell me how they look from the previous post.

My mint looks healthier.  It's much more greener and has a nice bright green to the leaves.  This guy looks so much better here than the previous photo. When I first saw the green leaves, I screamed, "It's ALIVE!!!" Then I did my evil laugh.  I'm just glad no one was around when I did that.. whew.  As much as I'm thrilled that life is coming back.  The leaves seem so small.  I do hope it grows out and have, once again its large leaves.

I've been watering it every other day when it's bright and sunny.  If the weather is cool, I water it every 3 days.  I did add coffee grounds and eggshells.

The rosemary does not look much different from the previous post.  From what I read, it likes to be dried out a couple times but I've been watering it every other day.  I added some coffee grounds and eggshells to help revive it.  When I really look at it.  I mean really look and stare at it.  I think it looks a little bit greener.  I think I'm just fooling myself.  Any advice on this would be a huge help.


This sucker is a strong one!  It's flowering and starting to bare fruit!  You can see the orange looking ball in the middle of the screen.  YES!! I'm such a proud parent.

Little guy

I saw this guy growing in the corner.  It looks like a little one wants to spread its leaves.  

What do you guys think?  Do they look healthier or am I kidding myself?  No matter what, I'm pretty proud of my small yet perfect balcony garden.  Even though it may not be much to others.  It's so rewarding to see my plants grow and become healthy.  Well back to my balcony garden... Oh if you have any advice or tips for my plants, please let me know.. I'm always looking for ways to improve my plant lives and keep them away from plant heaven.  It's too crowded there and they like balconies.. not clouds.  Wait.. if there's a plant heaven.. is there a plant hell? 

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