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Oakley's first tree

Hi everyone! Well as you’ve already guessed my name is not Oakley. In fact Oakley is my Boston terrier that I rescued a year ago. Or I can say she rescued me. With all the happiness and joy she has given me. I dedicated my balcony garden to her.

As a child I always took advantage of being outdoors. Most of my time was spent watching TV or playing video games. Only later in my life I started appreciating the outdoors. Now these days I’m an outdoor enthusiast!

I have always marveled at the idea of growing my own herbs and vegetables. Being a city boy I didn’t really have the knack of it. Most of the time the plants ended up dried up or on the verge of drying up. That is when usually you find a mysterious plant planted in someone’s yard.

I still haven’t given up on my brown thumbs. Even though living in the city limits my space to a yard. I’ve started my own balcony garden. I know I’ll have my ups and downs but I believe that persistence is key. I want to share my trials with everyone in hopes that they will learn from my mistakes and triumphs. As I find more tips and get advice from others I hope to have a bountiful garden.

 I hope that you all will stick around with me. I hope to share all the knowledge that I learned to each one of you. So let the gardening begin and transform my dull balcony to a balcony of many harvests.

Thank you everyone. P.S. Oakley sends you “licks”

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