Monday, October 22, 2012

Neighborhood walks.. plants everywhere!

As I walk Oakley through the neighborhood, I start noticing more and more plants that I haven’t noticed before.  Oh my left I see Lavender, on the right Jasmine, straight ahead birds of paradise, oh wait behind me is an odd looking plant that I have never seen before.  My mind starts to imagine how my balcony garden would look like with the different plants that I see in the neighborhood.  As my mind starts imagining, I start picturing a plant hanging here and there, a plant below me, one behind another.  I move some vines to the side and see an endless row of strange and beautiful plants.  I look around and I’m standing in the middle of a jungle… POOF!  Then I snap back to it and Oakley is looking at me oddly.

Then I remember I read about growing a plant from cutting pieces from a plant.  Basically you cut a piece from the “mother” plant.  The “mother” plant is the plant you want to have yourself.  Does this sound like cloning to you?  Well it seems like it.  Anyways you take a piece of the plant and nurture it so it’ll grow roots itself.  Then there you go.. you have another plant. 

Does that sounds simple?  Well reading and watching all the guides online sure does seem easy.  So in the next few days I plan on trying my luck and rooting some plants.  So I’ll be probably posting more than usual this week to get this thing started.  First step is sterilizing sand…. Oh what am I getting myself into?

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