Friday, November 30, 2012

Herb Balcony Garden Update 11/30/12

So it has been about 2 weeks since my herb balcony garden update. The weather here in Los Angeles has been kind of cold and wet. Besides from being sick and the occasional rainfall, my garden has been growing at a snail's pace. You’ve probably read some of my previous post on repotting my Kalachuci plant and splitting the snake plant  that I did not know I had. So the garden is evolving as we speak. You may be asking yourself, to what? I’ll be honest I’m not sure what yet.

Besides from the plants I’ve been reporting on I’ve had other experimentations. I do have updates on the rooting experiment, the basil and egg or should we say seedlings update, and a few other experiments that I should report soon. Soon I should be posting updates to all of those.

As for now, let’s go back to the plants that started it all. I’m referring to the 3 rosemary plants, the basil plant, Kalachuchi plant and the lemon tree. Oh wait I forgot I did mention my lemon grass.

Two of the three rosemary plants are doing quite well. Here you can see the 2 healthy plants growing nicely. This one has been the healthiest of them all. The color is so vibrant and it looks like it’s doing well. Just the other day, my love asked if she could cut some sprigs off. With all regret, I requested that we don’t. I was hoping that we could get it to a certain size before we start harvesting from it. Here you can see it’s doing well but I am hoping it would grow into more of a bush.

Here is the largest of the rosemary plants. It’s growing nicely! Well it is getting much taller which is the height I’m hoping it to grow. Now I hope to get the other branches as tall as the tallest branch. Then it would be time to harvest but for now “HANDS OFF!” Oh I hope my love one doesn’t read this. Haa Haa.
Can you tell which direction the sun is coming from? I think I need to turn it around. I noticed that bottom part is still brown and dry. Do you think it’s time to repot?

Why do I have a problem of letting go? I keep hoping that this rosemary will turn around and start growing healthy. But from advice from a reader and others, it might be time to let go of it. I just have a hard time of letting go. I’ll let go next week.. or maybe the following… maybe next year…

Look at this beauty. She’s growing so nicely, tall and bushy with a vibrant color that fills the dull colored balcony. Her scent is sweet with a slight spiciness that fills the air as I brush her leaves. Haa um I better stop. But she’s growing nicely. I do question a branch that has a pale green look. It really sticks out like a sore thumb. Should I cut this out?

As for little basil plants that I found growing in the pot, it’s slowly growing. Here you can notice they are growing at a snails pace. Which I don’t mind but when should I move it to it’s own pot?

Ah the mint of death. Every time I look at this plant I’m reminded of death. I think it has to do with all the dried and dead shrubs in the pot. The dark grimy soil that surrounds the mint only enhances the feel of the dreadful appearance. I believe like the rosemary it may be time that this is let go.

To death there is life right? I haven’t noticed this until today but it looks like our mint has a visitor. A long strand grows in the midst of the mint plant. This long strand looks like a healthy one. What can it be? What is it? I know it’s not batman for sure.

Kalachuchi is a word I’m not sure if I’ll ever pronounce right. Haa but even though I can not say it’s name. It’s not stopping it from growing. It does look like it is producing more leaves. Even the little one is starting to grow quickly.

Lemon grass is growing.. umm I think. Here in the picture it looks like it’s dying. Actually it’s quite green under that brown husk. Fingers crossed this will grow nicely and we can have some tea.

Well that’s it for my update. Stay tuned and I should be posting my update of the rooting experiment and other experiments. So I’ll see you soon.

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