Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Splitting a Snake Plant

It’s been about a year since I’ve live at my lovely apartment.  Everyday I would walk along the corridor  and head straight to my balcony garden. Everyday I would attempt to show off to my love and tell her “I started these basil plants from seeds and look at them now!” I marveled how my limited spaced balcony garden was doing so well. I found a new passion and I was thrilled of my little plants. Hold up before I start going off on this.. it wasn’t like a beam of light descended from heaven. It was more like “Wow this is pretty cool. Oh I have to try that” So no glorious moment here but a light bulb turning on.

As I showed off to my love how my plants were thriving. She brought to my attention that we had 2 healthy snake plants in front of our place. With crooked eyes and a slightly shifted mouth I was dumbfounded.

 This is our conversation:
Me: So hun, see this basil plant. I started it from a seed and look at it now.
Hun: As much as I enjoy your stories, you’ve told me the same story for 2 weeks now.
Me: But look they’re getting bigger.
Hun: Have you been taking care of the snake plants in front too?
Me: Huh?
Hun: You know we have snake plants in front right?
Me: We do? 
Hun: Yup, you pass them everyday
Me: …… (I get up and run to the front)

I didn’t notice these snake plants? What? I have no clue how I can miss something like this. Haa

So after examining the snake plants. I noticed that one of the snake plants was outgrowing its pot. It looked completely crowded and roots were starting to grow upward out of the soil. Thanks to my previous post I saw the signs that it was time to repot the snake plant. But I just didn’t want to repot the snake plant. I was thinking of splitting the one plant and make it into two. Yea when that idea ran through my mind I felt a small bead of sweat run down my forehead. But with determination, basic tools, and the web I was well on my way to splitting my plant.

So let’s start and split the snake plant…

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