Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update Tuesdays on a Wednesday!! 110712

It’s time for UPDATE TUESDAYS of my thriving, well some dieing, balcony garden. Oh wait but today is Wednesday. I know I’m a day late posting my Update Tuesday report. But I promise you I did take these photos on Tuesday, I just did not post it till now. But let’s not dilly dawdle anymore and get to it.

OK so here’s the scoop on Oakley’s garden. Some of the plants are doing really well from what I can tell. Here is the family photo:

I’m such a proud parent and Oakley is just thrilled to be an auntie. What?!? Wait?!? You may be asking yourself “Oakley’s a girl?” My answer is yes she is a beautiful 8-year-old girl or should I say lady? She is a little sensitive about her age. So don’t tell her I told you her real age.

I’m really proud of this basil plant. At first I was a little worried about the basil plant. When I first brought the plant home the leaves were a little bit yellow and torn. The basil plant was not producing many leaves also. I thought it was close to the end for this one. So I kept a close eye and watered it regularly. Occasionally I would add coffee grounds and egg shells into the pot to help fertilize the soil. I believe one of the biggest things I did for this plant was pinching the leaves that grew over a certain height I wanted it to. From what I read, pinching the leaves helps the plant concentrate it’s energy on the lower areas. At first I was suspicious but now I’m a believer!

I do have my concerns still. Yesterday I passed by the local Trader Joes and noticed their basil plants. The leaves were as big as the palm of my hand and the leaves were richly colored green. It left me quite envious of their plants. I almost brought one home. I opted not too and concentrate on my own plants.

As for the 3 rosemary plants growing in my balcony garden, I think I should start naming these plants so I don’t confuse anyone to the one I’m referring too. I'm already confused myself. Ha

For now I’ll just reference them by their size. The medium sized rosemary plant is doing really well. In the photo, you’ll notice how deeply rich the green leaves are. I did not do any type of Photoshop work if you’re wondering. The sprigs are growing in a twisted bunch. They are starting to become tangled but a few grow out.

The large rosemary plant is growing quickly. Its getting taller and taller everyday and soon it should be at the height that I’m aiming for. Once it reaches about 2 to 4 feet I’ll start pinching its leaves also. Even though the top leaves are nicely green the bottom is need of something more. You can see how the bottom leaves seem to dry out and turn brown. I’m not sure why they are doing that. Do you think it’s too tall and should be trimmed?

As for the small one, let’s just say I just don’t know what to do. Look at it.. it’s dieing. It’s in really bad shape. I haven’t watered it for a week already. I think the last time I watered it; it may have been too much. So I’m trying to dry her up a bit. Any suggestions on bringing the small one back to life?
The mint… the mint… well what can I say? The mint is in bad shape also. Look at these photos and you have to shake your head. I’m not sure what to do. Should I plant it into a neighbor’s lawn and leave it for the plant gods to decide?

The calamansi tree is baring fruit! Look at all these fruits. I saw a week or 2 and they should be ready for the picking. Oh I think saving the seeds would be a good idea. It would be great to have little calamansi trees around.

It was brought to my attention that some of you might not know what calamansi is. I think I’ll have to post some information on the plant soon.

This little guy looks like it’s starting to grow out a few more leaves. He’s in a hurry to grow up.

As you probably noticed I do have added another pot in my garden. I just added a couple of lemon grass stalks in the garden. My parents had given me a few stalks to add to my garden. They were really persistent on me having these plants and I’m not sure I could have said no. On another post I’ll explain the whole story.

Well that’s it! That’s my garden update. It’s just great to have my own balcony garden. I hope soon I’ll be able to harvest my rewards and share with you everyone the great recipes. Thanks everyone!


  1. Hi,

    I found you via twitter. You have a lovely patio garden. Well, all except your one unhappy rosemary. I wish I could give you some good advice on how to resuscitate it, but it kind of looks like it may be too far gone. Could it have been getting too much water, pot bound, or have the wrong kind of soil mix?
    Best Wishes,
    Leanne at Hanbury House

    1. Hi Leanne,

      Thank you! I want to add more but I have to figure out the space situation. I'm hoping to build some shelves.
      I agree it may be too far to resuscitate it. I really think it's due to over watering. My loved one decided one day to water the plants. Ever since then.. it has not been the same.
      I think you just inspired my next post. I hope you don't mind me quoting your comment on my next post. Thank you!